Dani Dorfman

Dept. of Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University.


a bit about me:

I'm a 20 year old phd student at the department of computer science, Tel-Aviv University.  My advisors are Haim Kaplan and Uri Zwick. My fields of interest include Data Structures and Algorithms. 


Dani Dorfman, Haim KaplanUri Zwick:

A Faster Deterministic Exponential Time Algorithm for Energy Games and Mean Payoff Games. ICALP 2019: 114:1-114:14[pdf]

Dani Dorfman, Haim KaplanLászló KozmaSeth PettieUri Zwick:
Improved Bounds for Multipass Pairing Heaps and Path-Balanced Binary Search Trees. ESA2018: 24:1-24:13[pdf]

Dani Dorfman, Haim KaplanLászló KozmaUri Zwick:
Pairing heaps: the forward variant. MFCS 2018: 13:1-13:14[pdf]



2018-Present  Computer Science PhD, Tel Aviv University.

2013-2017         Dean's list, Tel Aviv University.

2015                  The "Beno Arbel Program for Gifted Young Students in Mathematics" award for excellent                             accomplishments.

2014                  The Blavatnik School of Computer Science award for excellence, Tel Aviv University.

2017-2018      Computer Science M.Sc, Tel Aviv University.

2014-2017      Computer Science and Mathematics B.Sc, Tel Aviv University. 


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